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"Holding Down the Fort perfectly summarizes the demands on military spouses and empowers them to take control of their situation. Navenka Gabrielson's casual, yet gut checking questions challenge spouses to evaluate their personal priorities and find their own success. Her acknowledgement of the struggles with identity and purpose are perfectly articulated.  The integral mind, soul and body approach targets the 4 Cornerstones and 5 Power Areas, enabling spouses to seek peace and fulfillment regardless of duty station or deployment cycle and puts them in control, not the detailer. The Holding Down the Fort is an important resource for all spouses, young and old, as a guide on how to get the best out if any situation and grow into your best self."
Navy Spouse 

Military Families


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I am a military spouse with over 20 years living this amazing journey. I understand the many challenges you face with the transient lifestyle you live because I live through those same challenges. I know the difficulties that face you with every PCS move, every job search, every friendship you build and let go of, every deployment you face. These daily stresses add up and can affect your physical and emotional health. Military spouses often feel overwhelmed, anxious, depressed and unfulfilled.​

As a Health and Lifestyle Coach, I work with military spouses and active duty military to help them find balance in all areas of their lives.
Because I understand your life, who better to help you than someone who has the knowledge, experience, and empathy to help you succeed. With my caring, genuine and committed approach to your health and life, you will feel empowered and successful no matter where your military journey takes you.
I work with clients both locally and globally.

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"If you are disciplined enough to follow Navenka’s principles in this book, then you will be on a good start to a healthy life journey. "
Air Force spouse of 22 years

If you are feeling on the verge of making changes in your life and need an extra push then this is the book for you.  Mrs Gabrielson has years of experience assisting individuals as a Health Coach and reading what she has learned has been eye opening for me.  I may even look at getting a Health Coach to assist me after reading this book.
Naddett S Navy Spouse 30 years

Reading this book and applying its information is your first step in learning how to live a meaningful, satisfying life.  I strongly recommend all military spouses read this book!
John E Retired Army and Military Spouse

Testimony From an Active Duty Member
This program has been a huge learning experience – life changing, in fact.  I, like many, struggle to balance work, family, and healthy living.  Navenka has helped me tremendously in several ways.  First, she gets to the root of that struggle to determine what it is that is keeping one from living the way one wants to live.  Then, with a combination of teaching and mentoring, she weaves together a plan that is first and foremost achievable, as well as effective.  I have seen a remarkable change in my fitness level, my energy level (no more afternoon crashes), and my outlook on and approach to eating and sleeping.  And she’s helped me professionally as well – balancing all that which affects the quality of my life and that of my family.  This is a great program!  Go for it.  You cannot appreciate, until you try it, the kind of quality life you could live under Navenka’s mentorship.

Testimony from a Military Spouse
I first inquired about Navenka's services after recommending a friend seek her out for questions about diet and exercise.  It was only then I thought--hey, I could really use some help in areas of my life too!  Navenka has been an amazing health coach, confidante, sense of encouragement and friend over the last six months!   As a mother of four young children and wife of a busy Marine, it has been challenging to balance various aspects of my life while finding personal fulfillment in my daily life. Navenka taught me how to 1) eat to have energy, 2) take time for self care, 3) focus on my weekly and monthly goals, 4) free myself of some guilt when focusing on myself, and 5) understand and work to maintain life balance.  I was able to balance my life and complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training!  I am now teaching yoga and loving it--thanks you Navenka!

If you have a few areas of your life that need attention, I highly recommend you contact Navenka. She gives you a commentary health coaching session, so you've got nothing to lose!