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I take my commitment very seriously to help people from all walks of life reach a greater level of well-being. Please take a moment to learn for yourself why I take my commitment to you very seriously.

Health Coaching

“Last year I was struggling with not only the number on my scale continuously going up but with my daily “life” in general. From the very first meeting which was done on Google Hangouts I WAS HOOKED!!  Navenka’s concern and commitment to ME was unbelievable.  She listened as I explained regardless of counting calories or exercise that I was actually gaining weight and that at the end of the day I was always tired. 

To say that Navenka has changed my life is an understatement!!  I have never felt better! I have lost 23 lbs. and 7-3/4 inches overall.  I loved the way she always kept me in check with myself and taught me that my weight wasn’t only about what I was putting in my mouth but my actual lifestyle!  Who would have guessed that adding a simple 2 hours (or sometimes 3!!!) of sleep a night could be such a positive change in your life?  Navenka’s holistic approach to my health and wellness has improved my energy level and created such a happy, healthy life for me.  If you would have told me a year ago that one person could change your life in such a dramatic way, I would have been the first person to say it wouldn’t happen.  I can easily say that Navenka has become a part of my life and that I’m dreading the sessions ending and will be signing up for future ones!  I am a new person; not in just that my clothes fit better but as an overall individual!“

- Missy B

In working with Navenka, I have learned to be aware of what, when, and WHY I eat what I do, which has allowed me to consciously change unhealthy habits and to replace them with better choices. I have learned to be in tune with my body so that I am more able to fuel it with foods that it needs, rather than just eating what 'sounds good' to me at any given moment. She has helped me to see that I have the power over food...not the other way around! Now, I eat more healthfully and consume WAY fewer processed junk foods...most of them don't even taste good anymore! :-) My skin is glowing, my immune system is strong, and I feel GOOD.

 In the spirit of healing me as a 'whole', Navenka encouraged me to take a comprehensive view of my entire world...assessing my consumption of my 'primary foods,' and also helped me to learn to nourish the areas in which I have been lacking. She is not only my 'Health Coach,' but has been my friend throughout this process, and although we are thousands of miles apart, I have felt her support and knowledge just as powerfully as if she were right here beside me.

-Angie K

I reached out to Navenka for a nutritional consult and ended up with so much more. I signed up for her 6 month health coaching program. During that time, Navenka and I explored all areas of my life and health. I would give her a concern and Navenka would research possible solutions. Then we would slowly incorporate those changes. It was the relationship you wished you had with your doctor. Navenka has an amazing knowledge base that focuses on life balance, preventative care and natural remedies to keep you strong, healthy, and happy and out of the doctor's office. During our time, Navenka provided me with courage to ask for help, inspiration to change and a critical toolkit to maintain sanity and serenity in my world of 18 hour days! My family and I will be forever thankful.

- M. Hern, wife, mom of 2 and Executive

This program has been a huge learning experience – life changing, in fact. I, like many, struggle to balance work, family, and healthy living. Navenka has helped me tremendously in several ways. First, she gets to the root of that struggle to determine what it is that is keeping one from living the way one wants to live. Then, with a combination of teaching and mentoring, she weaves together a plan that is first and foremost achievable, as well as effective. I have seen a remarkable change in my fitness level, my energy level (no more afternoon crashes), and my outlook on and approach to eating and sleeping. And she’s helped me professionally as well – balancing all that which affects the quality of my life and that of my family. This is a great program! Go for it. You cannot appreciate, until you try it, the kind of quality life you could live under Navenka’s mentorship. 

- Will

Following a major Life event, I came to Navenka seeking support in finding new Life goals as well as changing my eating habits. She provided me with a neutral and candid perspective on the goals I was seeking and guided me in starting better nutrition, to support my new fitness targets. Even though I have not reached all the goals I have set myself to date, thanks to Navenka I now have a clearer roadmap to achieving a happier and more balanced Life.

- Jay

I first inquired about Navenka's services after recommending a friend seek her out for questions about diet and exercise.  It was only then I thought--hey, I could really use some help in areas of my life too!  Navenka has been an amazing health coach, confidante, sense of encouragement and friend over the last six months!   As a mother of four young children and wife of a busy Marine, it has been challenging to balance various aspects of my life while finding personal fulfillment in my daily life. Navenka taught me how to 1) eat to have energy, 2) take time for self care, 3) focus on my weekly and monthly goals, 4) free myself of some guilt when focusing on myself, and 5) understand and work to maintain life balance.  I was able to balance my life and complete my 200-hour yoga teacher training!  I am now teaching yoga and loving it--thanks you Navenka!

If you have a few areas of your life that need attention, I highly recommend you contact Navenka. She does a free health assessment so you've got nothing to lose!

- Andrea

There are certain decisions you make in life that you’ll never regret—working with Navenka was one of those decisions for me. Over the course of the past six months, Navenka has not only taught me how to eat healthier, manage my energy levels, and provided me with awesome nutrition/health tips but more importantly, she’s also helped me grow as a person. Navenka helped me gain back the confidence and peace I had lost over the last few years. She’s taught me how to manage my time and reduce my stress levels by providing me with new tools and new ways of approaching my daily routines.  Working with Navenka is like having a personal boxing coach in your corner, i.e. someone who helps you recognize the challenges you’re facing, helps you overcome them, and then helps you strategize a solid plan before going back out into the boxing ring we call life. From teaching me how to slow down and embrace the smaller things in life, to helping me with time management, Navenka has been an inspiration, a teacher, and a friend. If you’re looking to make a difference in your life, I highly recommend reaching out to Navenka. Within six months, I have gained new insight about myself that I would never have acquired had it not been for her support, coaching, and wise advice. Thank you Navenka! 

- Madeleine 

Navenka is a true health coach. She meets you where you are and guides and supports you without judgement . She also has a vast knowledge of many areas of health and wellness .
I have learned to not live by what the scale says and pay more attention to how I feel.
Navenka has taught me that balance is key, whether it's nutrition and exercise or family and relationships.
I feel very fortunate to have had Navenka in my life.

- Barb


“I have thoroughly enjoyed taking Navenka’s Pilates class this past year.  I had never taken a Pilates class before and was somewhat apprehensive about what to expect.

Navenka does a great job of introducing Pilates to beginners.  She will work with you at your level and always suggests modifications to vary the degree of difficulty based on your strength, comfort level and endurance. I really enjoyed every class and know that I have gotten stronger Also, I’m convinced these classes have helped with my long distance running times and stamina.

Navenka is extremely professional. She has a strong academic background in Health Coaching and Physical Training. She communicates well and really cares about her students.

If you have the chance to take a Pilates class with Navenka, DO IT!  You won’t regret it!”


Navenka I'm so grateful that I'm taking personal pilates instruction from you. I feel so much better in such a short amount of time. You have helped me immeasurably and for that thank you!

- Jessica

Navenka is an awesome instructor for Pilates! We always have so much fun in her class and no work out is ever the same.

- KC

She is great teacher!! I love pilates and I haven't been on it for past 2years but she helped me to get back on it!!! I love it!!!

- Mina

Personal Training

I began training with Navenka a year ago.  I had been whining about not being able to lose the last 10lbs after having my last baby 3 years before and she helped me with a nutrition consult and then a weekly training session. Through her knowledge of nutrition and the body, she was able to diagnose my nutritional problem areas and help me correct them so I could lose those 10lbs.  I was doubtful that her advice would produce the results because I had been regularly exercising for a couple of years but was still unable to lose the 10lbs.  But it worked – I lost 10lbs and dropped a jean size!

I also learned so much from the training sessions. I learned things that made my workouts more productive as well as new exercises that maximize the time I had to work out.  We have worked on several weight training programs and more recently, the Pilates Reformer which I LOVE!  My weight has dropped, my shape has changed, and I am stronger.  It has been a great pleasure to work with Navenka –she is motivating and thoughtful and she analyzes my specific needs and develops exercises and programs that are specific to me.  

- Debbie Roderick

I came to Navenka wanting to tone my 45 year old body and lose weight.  I spent two days a week with her doing a combination of cardio, free weights, Bosu and aerobic training.  There were many days that I said to myself, I just can’t do it BUT with Navenka’s motivation and no saying no approach I always made it through.  I lost 20 pounds and over 20 combined inches –Navenka is an inspirational trainer that forces you to be the best you can be.

- Diane Gray

Navenkas time, professionalism and supervision has helped me change my lifestyle, eating habits and overall fitness.  My new eating plan combined with her fitness program helped me to loose over 10KGS of weight and gain a greater understanding of my body.  I am now enjoying a healthier more balanced life.  I would recommend Navenka to anyone who is looking for more than just a quick fix solution and is something that will help in creating a healthier happier life.  Many Thanks

- Thomas Heap

I had always worked out but over time I had lost some of my motivation and I just got lazy. I had never used a trainer but Navenka's enthusiasm, love for a healthy life style, and passion for fitness was just the motivation I needed. We started training. I mainly wanted to tone up my body.

Navenka's workout plan for me consisting of free weights, stability ball, bands, and the Bosu balance trainer.My work with Navenka has given me strength, energy, balance, and a noticeably toned body. So far I've lost over 8lbs and 3.6% or more body fat plus I went down a size in clothes. I feel very blessed to have a trainer that truly cares about her clients. Thanks so much Navenka! I look forward to more sessions with you.

- Mary S​